Retiform Technique for Card Making

Love the look of color blocking?  This retiform technique puts a little different spin on it and involves a simple masking technique to add blocks of color side by side.

The cards feature the Wildflower Designs stamp set from Stampin’ Up! However, you can use any stamp set and/or supplies you have on hand with this technique.

The Retiform Technique

The retiform technique involves creating a grid or net-like design across a piece of cardstock using color blocking. The term retiform means having the form of or resembling a net. As you add the different color blocks, it creates that net or grid like pattern. It’s simply another fun masking technique.

Start with a 4 x 5-1/4 inch piece of white cardstock. Stamp a focal point in the center of the cardstock using Black or Early Espresso ink. Once you have stamped the focal point, you are ready to create the blocks of color. Post-It Notes work great for masking off an area to create a color block. Not sure what color blocking is? Check out my latest post HERE. There is no wrong way to create the color blocks. Simply use the post-it notes to block off areas where you want to add color. I recommend watching the video to see the process in action.

Variations of the Technique

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating color blocks with the retiform technique. You can use as many colors as you want, and you can create as many blocks as you want! Each time you use this technique, the design will turn out just a little bit different. And, of course, you can achieve a completely different look simply by using the technique in landscape or portrait style.

Not only can you create blocks of color around a focal point, but you can also block off some white space for a greeting or other type of focal point. This is how I created the second card. Start by adding a 1-3/4 inch wide post-it note across the center of the white cardstock before starting the color blocking process. Leave that strip in place until you are completely finished with added the color blocks. Remove the post-it note masks to reveal the white space across the center of the card!

Tutorial & Supplies

Now you have a few card ideas to help get you started with the Retiform Technique. For a complete list of supplies and instructions for creating these cards, feel free to download the printable tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed these card ideas and are inspired to give the retiform technique a try. Be sure to watch the video to see the masking and color blocking in action! Have a fun and creative day my friends! ~ Lynn

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