Make 3 Card Layouts at Once

Learn how to use this easy design technique to make 3 cards at once! It’s called the Cut & Shuffle technique and it’s a great way to create several card layouts all at one time.

The cards feature products from the NEW Unbounded Beauty collection from Stampin’ Up! However, keep in mind that you can use any patterned paper or supplies you have on hand with this technique.

Cut & Shuffle Technique

First let’s talk about the cutting technique. Start by choosing 3 different patterned papers which coordinate well with each other. Cut each of the 3 patterned papers down to 4 x 5-1/4 inches. You will be cutting all 3 pieces of patterned paper at the same time! Stack the papers together and place them in your paper trimmer, on an angle, with the 4-inch side towards the top of the trimmer.

Place the papers in your paper trimmer on an angle so you can make a cut from the 4-inch side down to the left side of 5-1/4 inch side. You will end up cutting a triangular piece off the left corner of the 4 x 5-1/4 inch pieces of patterned paper.

Make 3 Card Layouts at Once

Set aside the first set of triangular pieces you just created.

Take the remaining pieces of patterned paper and place them in your paper trimmer so that you can cut them in half. Be sure to watch the video to see the angled cutting process in action.

Once you have made the two cuts; you will end up with three triangular pieces. Shuffle the pieces around so that you have three layouts featuring one of each of the 3 different patterns pattern papers.

Unbounded Beauty

Now that you have cut and shuffled the papers to create the layout, you are ready to assemble the cards! Notice how each card features all 3 patterns. However, the size and placement of the patterned paper pieces are different on each card.

For example, let’s look at the blue pattern on each of these cards. On the first card, the blue pattern is in the lower left corner. For the second card, the blue pattern comes off the middle right side of the card. And the last card features the blue pattern in the upper left corner. Every piece of patterned paper is in a different location on each of the cards. The cut and shuffle technique enables you to use the same layout for each of the cards, but the cards are different due to the size and location of the patterned paper.

For more card layouts featuring this technique, check out one of my past posts showcasing some adorable little owls HERE.

Tutorial & Supplies

Now you have another fun template to use to with the cut and shuffle technique! For a complete list of supplies and the step-by-step instructions for creating these cards, feel free to download the printable tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed the cut and shuffle technique as well as the card ideas! Be sure to watch the video to see this angle-style cut and shuffle technique. Have a fun and creative day my friends! ~ Lynn

2 thoughts on “Make 3 Card Layouts at Once”

  1. Hi
    I made 6 cards today using your cut and shuffle technique. Three are masculine and three are feminine. I really love this technique and enjoyed creating these six cards. Thank you for sharing the “how to”.
    Jeannette Taylor

    • Oh that’s wonderful! So glad you enjoyed the technique. It’s such a great way to use patterned paper to create 3 cards.


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