Recessed Frames for Card Making

Learn how to use different die cut shapes to create a recessed frame. This is a fun and simple design technique which can be used in a variety of ways in card making. Plus, I have a few simple card ideas to share which will help you use the left-over scraps from creating the frames.

The cards feature the Deckled Rectangle Dies and a variety of products from the Winter Meadow Collection from Stampin’ Up! However, keep in mind you can use any supplies you have on hand with this card design.

Creating the Recessed Frames

First let’s talk about how to create the recessed frame look on your cards. Basically we will be die cutting two different size rectangular shapes into a piece of cardstock and/or patterned paper to create the frames. You can really use any shape for this technique as long as the die set has different sizes. So, for example, you can use the Deckled Rectangle Dies, as I did for these cards, because the die set comes with all different size rectangular shapes. Circles, squares, or any other shape can be used as long as you have two different sizes.

Simply cut out the larger shape from the piece of paper which will be the top frame. Cut out the smaller frame from the piece of paper which will be the frame closest to the image your want to frame out. So, for example, the first card showcases a larger rectangle for the top, gray, piece of paper. A smaller rectangular shape was used to create the frame on the black piece of paper. Lay the two frames together over the deer image to create a beautiful recessed frame.

Notice how you can vary the size of the frame as well. The black matte for the first card is smaller than the blue matte for the second card. Be sure to watch the video to see how easy it is to create the different sizes.

Using Up Scraps

Now that you know how to create the recessed frames, you are probably looking for ideas on using up those scrap rectangular pieces, right? Well, I have a few simple card ideas to share which will help you do just that! You will basically be layering the die cut shapes together from largest to smallest. The left-over rectangular shapes make the perfect matte for your focal point!

The first card features the use of the left-over rectangular shapes to create a nice matte for the deer. The second card features the left-over rectangular shapes to matte out the greeting. I recommend using up those left-over shapes right away! You can get all the details on these cards in the printable tutorial below.

Tutorial & Supplies

Now you have a few different ways to create recessed frames in your card making. Plus, you have some simple ways to use up those leftover scraps! For a complete list of supplies and the step-by-step instructions for these cards, feel free to download the printable tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed these card ideas and are inspired to try recessing your frames with different die cut shapes! Be sure to watch the video to see the creation of the frames in action. Have a fun and creative day! ~ Lynn

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