Double One Sheet Wonder – Butterfly Bijou

What in the world is a Double One Sheet Wonder? Well, it’s a One Sheet Wonder times two which means it’s double the fun! I actually made up this term but it definitely fits! Today I have a simple one sheet wonder template to share with you. We are actually going to use the exact same template to cut up two different pieces of 6 x 6 inch patterned paper to create 6 beautiful cards!

One Sheet Wonder Template

Now the best thing about a One Sheet Wonder is that you can cut up an entire piece of patterned paper to create some fun cards without having any leftover scraps. There are a variety of ways to cut your patterned paper so that means there are tons of different templates you can use. The template I am sharing today features a 6 x 6 inch piece of patterned paper. However, since we are creating a Double One Sheet Wonder, we will be using two 6 x 6 inch pieces.

Double One Sheet Wonder - Butterfly Bijou with Many Messages

Start by choosing two different 6 x 6 inch patterned papers. You will be using the One Sheet Wonder template above to cut both sheets of paper. Yes, they will be cut exactly the same. Cut a 2 x 6 inch piece off of the bottom of one of the 6 x 6 inch pieces. Take that piece and cut a 2 x 2 inch square, then cut that square diagonally from corner to corner. You will end up with the two bottom pieces as shown in the picture above. Take the remaining 4 x 6 inch piece and cut the top 4 pieces. Once you complete the cutting, you will end up with 7 pieces shown above. Now repeat this cutting with the other piece of patterned paper.

Double One Sheet Wonder Cards

Now that you have both sheets of patterned cut, we are ready to completed the double one sheet wonder cards! These first two cards feature the 2 x 4 and 1 x 4 inch pieces. Since we are using two different patterns we are able to mix and match the papers. So each card has a 2 x 4 inch piece and a 1 x 4 inch piece.

Notice how the first card features a 2 x 4 inch butterfly piece and a 1 x 4 inch blue patterned paper piece. The second card features the exact opposite, a 2 x 4 inch blue patterned piece and a 1 x 4 inch butterfly pattern. Pretty cool, hey? Since we cut both 6 x 6 inch pieces of patterned paper with the same template, we can use the same layout. The second card is a mirror image of the first card yet both have a completely different look.

Many Messages

The next two Double One Sheet Wonder cards feature the 2 x 2 inch diagonally cut pieces and the 2 x 4 inch pieces. These were the first two pieces we cut from the bottom of the 6 x 6 inch pieces of patterned paper. Each card has a 2 x 4 inch piece adhered across the center with two triangular accent pieces created from cutting the 2 x 2 inch square.

Did you notice that each card has a different greeting? I created all of these different greetings with ONE stamp and ONE die. Yep, just one! The stamp set is called Many Messages. It one super large stamp that contains 23 different messages. So I inked up the stamp with some Bermuda Bay ink and stamped the 23 messages all at one time! Of course there is a coordinating die for this stamp too! The Messages Die cuts out all 23 messages at once! And each of the messages have their own unique shape. It is the coolest stamp set and die I have ever used! So I used 12 of the 23 messages to decorate the inside and outside of each of these cards.

Butterfly Bujou

The last two Double One Sheet Wonder card ideas feature the 3 x 3 and 1 x 3 inch pieces of patterned paper. By the way, have you been wondering where I got this beautiful butterfly paper? Well, let me tell you! It’s a brand new paper pack called Butterfly Bujou. It’s an exclusive Designer Series Paper which will be available only during the Butterfly Bouquet promotion. So now I bet you are wondering what the Butterfly Bouquet promotion is? It’s an early release of some new products coming out in the 2021-2022 Stampin’ Up! Annual catalog. That means these products will be available to you on March 2, 2021! WooHoo! The Butterfly Brilliance stamp set, Brilliant Wings Dies, Butterfly Bujou Designer Series Paper and some Natural Touch Specialty Paper. Watch for more details and be sure to shop the promotion on March 2, 2021 at

All of the Double One Sheet Wonder cards feature the Butterfly Bujou DSP. The butterflies were created by using the Brilliant Wings Die to cut the images from the DSP. Yes! Wait until you see how this die works with that DSP! It cuts out all of the butterflies at once! Super cool!

I hope you enjoyed these Double One Sheet Wonder card ideas! For more One Sheet Wonder card ideas, check out my latest template HERE. Have a fun and creative day my friends! ~ Lynn

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  1. I love one sheet wonders and since I “craft on a budget” getting the most out of my purchases is a big plus! I watched your Butterfly Bijou on YouTube and mulled over the idea of purchasing this set. After a second viewing I knew I had to order it. It will be a great addition to my stamp library and one I will use time and time again! Thanks for sharing terrific ideas that work with a variety of stamps!

    • Thank you Wanda. Yes, you can absolutely use this template to create cards with supplies you already have on hand

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