Christmas Tree Spinner Card Ideas

Today I have a few more Christmas tree card ideas to share featuring the Wrapped In Plaid Suite. Now these are not just any Christmas Tree cards…these are window cards with a Christmas tree that spins!

Christmas Tree Spinner Card Ideas - Wrapped In Plaid

In this week’s video, I feature two different Christmas Tree Spinner Card Ideas. I will also share two different ways you can create the spinner section of the cards. And finally, I will share some simple cards you can make using the leftover shapes from creating the spinner cards.

Creating the Spinner Section

Now there are two different ways you can create the spinning tree section: (1)  The wrap and tie method and (2) The gluing in place method.

The first way to create the spinner section is to wrap and tie the thread around the window section on the card stock. In order to use this method you will be adding a few layers of patterned paper and card stock to the card. These layers will help cover up the areas where you can see the thread running across the card stock. The picture on the left gives you an idea of what the wrap and tie method looks like when it is complete.

The second way to create the spinning tree is to cut a piece of metallic thread and adhere it above and below the circle window. I recommend using this particular method when your card design is such that you will not be using multiple layers of patterned paper. So that means if you must secure the thread in such a way that you don’t see it on the front of the card stock. The picture on the right shows you an example of this method. The thread is only secured on the back side of the card stock. 

Christmas Tree Spinner Card Ideas

The first card, on the left, features a pretty simple card design with a little Christmas tree spinner section on the upper part of the card. For this card I recommend using the wrap and tie method to create the spinner section. This method will securely hold the spinning Christmas Tree and the plaid patterned paper will cover up the thread that runs across the card stock. That means the only thread that will be visible is the thread that runs through the window section of the card.

The second card, on the right, is another pretty simple card design. For this card I recommend using the gluing in place method. There are only two layers on this card: (1) The Cherry Cobbler card base and (2) The Shaded Spruce card stock piece that holds the spinning Christmas Tree. Since there are only two layers, the spinning section must be adhered to the back of the card stock. This will ensure the thread is not visible on the front of the card.

Using Up the Leftover Scraps

A few different die cut shapes were used to create the window on each of the cards. Now the die cut pieces are not actually part of the spinner cards, but you definitely want to save them! You can use the leftover pieces to create even more cards! Here are two card ideas featuring the leftover circle and square shapes. You can find all of the details on these cards in the printable tutorial below.

The cards in this video feature products from the Stampin’ Up! Wrapped In Plaid suite. But keep in mind you can use these card ideas to create all sorts of fun spinner cards. 

Don’t forget that this suite of products is part of this month’s Christmas Card Making club! So if you love this product suite and want more card ideas, then check out this fun card making club. Get all of the details at

Christmas Tree Spinner Card Tutorial

Feel free to download the printable tutorial for a complete supply list and instructions for creating all of these cards.

And be sure to watch the video for some tips on creating the Christmas Trees Spinner sections of your cards. Have a creative day! ~ Lynn

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  1. I loved these cards so much that I just ordered all supplies. Thanks for helping me decide what card I should make for my Christmas cards!!

    • You’re very welcome Susanne! Glad I could help 🙂 Have fun getting creative and thank you for your order!

  2. I really enjoyed this tutorial today. Why you ask? You have a beautiful speaking voice.Your steps to make this card is easy to read, watch, and understand. Love the closed captioning. Love the plaid.I just hope SU comes out with all seasons plaids.

    • Thanks so much Sharon! I really appreciate your kind words and thoughts on my video. And I completely agree! We need plaids in our main catalog so they are available all year long 🙂

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