How To Stamp with Shimmer Paint

Today you will learn how to stamp with shimmer paint. Yes, paint! Shimmer paint is a fun little product that has a variety of uses but today I will share two of my favorites. Besides stamping with it, you can also use it to add texture or a splatter look in the background of your cards.

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How to Stamp with Shimmer Paint

The process for stamping with paint is very similar to stamping with ink. The only difference is that you have to create your own “ink” pad. Or, in other words, you need to find something that you can use to apply the paint to your stamp images. Something that will enable you to apply it evenly so you don’t end up with paint dripping from your stamps.

Stamping with shimmer paint

One of the easiest ways to apply the paint to your stamp images is by using a little stamping sponge. Since the shimmer paint comes in a small little bottle, you just need a little sponge wedge that is large enough to cover the opening on the shimmer paint bottle. Simply hold the sponge over the top of the paint bottle and tip the bottle to apply the paint to the sponge. Use the opening of the bottle to scrap off the excess paint (so it goes back into the bottle). Then simply sponge the paint onto your stamp and, well, stamp it! The paint the soaks into the sponge so you can continue to reapply the paint to different stamp images a few times before you have to add more paint to the sponge.

Another fun thing you can do with the shimmer paint is to create a paint splatter on your cards. For this technique, you will need an aqua painter (filled with water) and a little paper plate. Add a drop of paint onto the paper plate, squeeze a bit of water onto the paint and mix it with the tip of the aqua painter. Then hold the aqua painter over the top of your cardstock with one hand and then tap the aqua painter onto the side of your other hand so it creates a splatter. The less water you use, the darker and larger the splatter effect will become.

Cleaning Your Stamps

Since we are stamping with paint, the process for cleaning your stamps is a little different. But it’s easy, I promise! First, you want to make sure that you clean the stamps right away. Shimmer paint dries within 10-15 minutes so be sure to clean them promptly after stamping. A baby wipe or wet cloth works well for cleaning them. If they are photopolymer stamps, you can actually run them under some warm water in your sink.

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I hope you enjoyed this little stamping technique. Have a creative day! ~ Lynn


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