Double Embossing Technique

Having a hard time choosing what embossing folder to use on your cards? Well why choose just one? Today I want to share a double embossing technique that will enable you to use two different embossing folders to create a variety different textures and patterns on your cards! 

Embossing Techniques

Embossing is a simple and fun way to add some texture to your cards. Typically embossing involves the use of one folder but today we will use two different folders to create the texture. In this week’s video, you will see how using two embossing folders together can create some stunning effects on your cards.

Double Embossing Technique - Climbing Roses

So for this technique, you will need to choose two different embossing folder with patterns that will work together. Now what I mean by that is you want to pair up a small pattern with a larger pattern. You will be embossing the cardstock first with the smaller pattern and then embossing again with the larger one. That is the double embossing technique!

For more embossing techniques, check out the post from last week that features the technique of embossing with ink

Climbing Roses Card Ideas

The cards in this video feature the Stampin Up Climbing Roses bundle along with a few of my favorite embossing folders. We will be using the Tufted, Subtle, and Lovely Floral embossing folders to create these cards! But you are definitely not just limited to using only these embossing folders. Keep in mind that you can use this technique with just about any embossing folders you have on hand. So take a look at what you have to see how they can work together.

By the end of this video you will have some fun ways to use your embossing folders to create a variety of different textures on your cards.

I hope you enjoy this week’s video and project ideas! Have a creative week ~ Lynn

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  1. I LOVE the simplicity of the single floral embossing folder used but very disappointed that I cannot find anything comparable to it!

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