Peek A Boo Card Ideas

Wanna add a little pizzazz to your cards without a lot of fuss? Well today I have some simple little Peek A Boo Card Ideas to share that will give your cards a fun look!  They are simple to create and you can use pretty much any supplies you have on hand to create them!

In this week’s video, you will learn how to create a little peek a boo window on the front of your card to accent your stamped images! It’s a simple and fun way to decorate the inside and outside of the card. I will share 3 different peek a boo window card ideas to help get you started.

Card #1 – Greeting Window

The first card I have to share with you features a little peek a boo window for the greeting. The greeting is actually stamped on the inside of the card but it’s also visible on the front of the card when the card is closed.

Peek A Boo Card Ideas The peek a boo window on this card was created with a 1-3/4 inch circle punch. I love having the greeting visible on the inside and the outside of the card. By stamping it in the little Peek A Boo window, it calls attention to it and compliments the decorations on the outside of the card.

Card #2 – Picture Window

The second card features a peek a boo window with an adorable little bunny peeking through. The greeting or message is actually on the inside of the card.

Peek A Boo Card Ideas

The peek a boo window on this card also showcases the same 1-3/4 inch circle punch. In fact, this is true for all three of the cards.  Now keep in mind that you can really use any shape to create the peek a boo window. Squares, ovals, rectangles, even little hearts! Now little hearts would be perfect for Valentine’s Day cards (since it’s right around the corner).

Card # 3 – Decorative Window

This last card features a fun way to decorate your peek a boo window. Now you don’t have to decorate the window but it’s a simple way to accent the window and decorate the front of your card.

Peek A Boo Card Ideas

The concept for creating this Peek A Boo Window card is the same as the previous examples. The only difference is the little accent piece around the window. Be sure to watch the video for some simple tips to create this accent piece.


Now you have three fun peek a boo card ideas showcasing the adorable Fable Friends stamp set. However, keep in mind that you can make these little Peek A Boo Window cards with any stamp set or paper crafting supplies you have on hand. These card ideas are great for any occasion! Just get creative with it!

Be sure to watch the video so you can find out how to grab the printable tutorial. The tutorial includes a complete supply list, measurements, and step by step instructions for creating these cards. You can find the link for the tutorial in the description below this video out on my YouTube channel.

Watch the video at >>>

I hope you enjoyed this week’s video! Have a creative week!


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