Valentines Day Card Ideas

In this week’s video, I have some fun Valentines Day card ideas to share that feature 3 clean and simple designs and 2 stepped up card designs. I love the look of clean and simple but I also love my layers! These card ideas are fun whether you are just getting started in card making or if you have been making cards for years.

Valentines Day Card Ideas

Clean and Simple Valentines Day Card Ideas

Clean and simple (CAS) is a term card makers use to describe cards that have minimal layers and/or embellishments as well as lots of “white space.” The fewer supplies you use, the better. This is what makes the card simple as well.

Now all three of these cards are Clean and Simple card designs. They have minimal layers, few embellishments and lots of white space. However, you can clearly see how the addition of just a few more hearts and a piece of patterned paper can completely change the look of the card.

Clean and simple cards are very elegant and they are also a great way to get started in card making. Whether you are new to card making or have been stamping for years, you will love the simplicity and elegance of these card ideas.

Stepped Up Valentines Day Card Ideas

Now you can easily step up the clean and simple card design simply by adding some layers. And in this case, we will add several different layers of hearts to these Valentines Day cards.

The heart shapes on these cards actually form the right side of the card front. To create this fun look, simply cut off approximately 3/4 – 1 inch of the right side of the card front. Cutting a bit off the card front enables you to use the heart shapes to create a fun little edge for the card. Watch the video below to get a better idea on how it works.


The video tutorial features 5 fun cards to make for Valentines Day or any other love themed occasion! Although this tutorial focuses on a Valentines Day Card Ideas, you can use these ideas to create greeting cards for any occasion. Anniversaries and weddings are the first two occasions that came to my mind. Just get creative with it!

Watch the video at

Download the printable tutorial for these projects HERE

For more Valentine’s Day Card Ideas, check out my latest post in which I shared a simple and fun 3D Heart Pop Up Card idea at

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