Halloween Candy Bar Holder

Halloween is such a fun time of the year! I enjoy carving pumpkins, making costumes and, of course, Halloween papercrafts! One of my favorite Halloween crafts to make are little treat holders! And if you enjoy making little Halloween Treat Holders, then you will love these adorable little Halloween candy bar wraps.

This week’s video features 3 more fun little Halloween treat holder ideas created with those punch art eyes. I used the same circle punches to create these eyes as I did in last week’s video. Although this time I decided to create Candy Bar Holders. It’s a fun little wrap that you can make to decorate candy bars. Each wrap holds a regular sized Hershey’s candy bar.

In the tutorial, I will show you how to create this adorable Halloween Witch, Ghost and Bat treat holder. You will be able to use the measurements and information in the video to create all sorts of fun Halloween Candy Bar Wraps! So don’t limit yourself to just these 3 ideas! There are so many fun Halloween characters that you can use to create these candy bar holders. Get creative with it!

I hope you enjoy the video and these adorable little projects! I think these are some of my favorites! And I know my granddaughter enjoyed them as she already made off with the witch! Haha!

I hope you enjoy this week’s video! Leave me a comment and let me know which one of these candy bar holders is your favorite!

Watch it now at >>> https://youtu.be/U1SaUVWLfdo

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