Easter Wishes

My grandson slept just long enough for me to finish making this Easter card! It took me all day…lol!  Although I am not sure I like it yet!  I actually envisioned something a bit different when I began designing this card….but that usually happens to me as I begin the design process! 

For this card I used a wonderful flower stamp set called Field Flowers.  I tend to be drawn to “overlay” stamp sets. What I mean by an overlay is that there are 2 stamps that look the same…but they have subtle differences. One stamp is the “outline” of the image and the other stamp “colors” in the outlined image. So you basically stamp an image in one color and then you stamp the other image, the “outline,” in a different color directly over the top of the first image.  I bet I probably just confused you! 

Take a look at the purple flowers in the picture…I stamped the “outline” of the flower image in perfect plum and then took the other flower image and stamped the light purple color over the top of the outline.  This gives the impression that I actually colored the flower by hand (which I did not).  You can view the stamp set at http://bit.ly/14pwebN to get a better idea of how overlay stamps work!


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