Coloring with Crystals

I am always looking for fun ways to add color to my projects. And there are so many different ways to do it! Today I want to share a simple NEW way to add color to your crafting projects. It’s called Brusho and it’s super fun! If you love the look of watercoloring, you are gonna love this new product.

Watch this video from Stampin Up! to see it in action!

Isn’t is amazing?!?! I love how the color just spreads across the projects! And it’s simple to use!  I was first introduced to this product in November and have been playing around with it since then.  There are 5 different colors that come in the Brusho pack:  Brilliant Red, Gamboge Orange, Moss Green, Prussian Blue and Yellow. You simply sprinkle the color crystals on your project, add water and watch the magic happen! Or add water and then sprinkle the color crystals on. There are so many fun possibilities!

Here are some of the fun projects I created:

This first project showcases images from the You’re Priceless stamp set. I started with a 5-1/4 x 4 inch piece of watercolor paper. I embossed the diamond images on the watercolor paper using white embossing powder. Once the images were on the paper, I sprinkled some of the blue color crystals across the paper and then spritzed it with water. The color spreads instantly when the Brusho comes into contact with the water. It doesn’t take much to create a fun watercolor look.

Here are a couple more cards created with the spritzing technique.  You can use one Brusho color at a time or combine them together for a fun look. Although all of these cards I created involved spritzing water onto the Brusho, you can use other tool such as an Aqua painter to spread the color around until you achieve the desired look. I have even seen the use of a baby wipe! It’s a lot of fun! I hope you enjoyed the little project ideas! Have a creative week!


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Window Sheets ~ Coloring Technique

So I finally shared this little window sheet coloring technique with the ladies at one of my card classes this month.  You may recall that I shared a video tutorial a little while back that demonstrated how to achieve this awesome background color by using your re-inkers and a bit of water.

Check out this tutorial 

I decided to share this technique again with all of you to demonstrate how unique each card can be when you use the coloring technique. So one of the ladies in my class followed this technique but decided not to add as much ink to the window sheets as I demonstrated in the video. This meant that she had a lot more “white” spots showing through (which is the white cardstock that we laid onto the ink in the window sheet folder). At first she was not too thrilled with how the coloring turned out…until she stamped the tree images on a window sheet and laid it over the colored background….and…voila…she had an absolutely stunning card (pictured here)!! The white splotches on the card (the area that did not receive enough ink) actually look like a little path through the trees.  She was so excited and I was extremely impressed!  I don’t think we could duplicate this again if we tried!  I just wanted to share this with you as a reminder that each card you design with this coloring technique will be different and unique! Give a try and let me know how your project turns out!

Here are a few of the other creations from that class:

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