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Most of us papercrafters tend to save all of our scraps. Right? Right! We know that even the smallest scrap piece of paper can be used to create something fun! Not only do I save scraps, but I also save chipboard, old frames, boxes and many other things so that I can upcycle them at a later date. There is not too much that I throw away. So today, I am going to show you some fun projects I created with the 4 x 4 inch square chipboard pieces that Stampin’ Up! uses to package their white doilies.

This idea came to me as I was putting pictures of my grandchildren in a little “brag” book that my daughter bought for me. I thought it would be so cute to put together some handmade brag books. Now you can use them as brag books, notebooks or any other fun idea you come up with!  They are quick and simple to make too!

The chipboard that is used as packaging for the little white doilies is approximately 4 x 4 inches. I simply cut a 4 x 4 square of patterned paper or cardstock to cover the front and back of the chipboard. Now you will need two 4 x 4 chipboard pieces to make one book (one for the cover and one for the back of the book). I made three different books and I still have lots of chipboard pieces to play with yet (yes, I love my doilies). Once you cover the chipboard with cardstock or patterned paper, then simply decorate them as desired.

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For the inside of the books, I simply cut 4 x 4 inch pieces of cardstock to coordinate with the colors of the book. You could also use notebook paper.  To hold the books together, simple punch two holes in the left side of the book and thread some ribbon through the cover and all of the pages. You can add as many inside pages as you like. Get creative with it! These would definitely make some great gifts!

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